Acta Med. 2007, 50: 149-153

The Pattern of Acute Myocardial Infarction in People with Opportunistic Infections

Igor P. Arleevskiya, Olga A. Chernovab, Indus N. Saphina, Maxim V. Trushinb, Vladislav M. Chernovb

aKazan Medical Academy, Kazan, Russia
bKazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Kazan, Russia

Received April 1, 2006
Accepted April 1, 2007

First comparative analysis for some hemocoagulation reactions, immune state of acute myocardial infarction has been done in two groups of patients – with mycoplasma infections and without one. Postinfarction complications in the groups were observed. Atherosclerotic plaques of the patients were also studied on a presence of mycoplasmas and a content of strontium and zinc. A tendency to a mild pattern of acute myocardial infarction was observed in patients with mycoplasma infections. The role of mycoplasmas in atherogenesis and acute myocardial infarction is discussed.


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