Acta Med. 2007, 50: 145-148

Improvement In Rabbit Corneal Cell Suspension Viability After Freezing With Gingko Biloba Extrakt

Murad Aktana, Berrin Okkab, Mehmet Okkab, Selcuk Dumana

aSelcuk University, Meram Medical Faculty, Histology-Embryology Deptartment, Konya, Turkey
bUniversity of Wisconsin, Medical School, Ophthalmology Department, Madison, WI, USA

Received August 1, 2006
Accepted October 1, 2006

We investigated whether the addition of Gingko Biloba extract (EGb 761) to rabbit corneal epithelial medium before cell freezing improved cell viability after freezing then thawing. After removal of corneas, they were treated with enzymes and the corneal epithelium was prepared as a single cell suspension in freezing media with or without EGb 761. After freezing for two weeks then thawing, a higher cell viability was found in the cornea cell suspensions which had been frozen pretreated with EGb 761 in the media. The improvement with corneal cell viability with EGb 761 pretreatment is postulated to be based on the antioxidant capacity of the plant extract.


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