Acta Med. 2007, 50: 155-156

Fasciola Hepatica Case with Hemobilia

Ibrahim Halil Bahçecıoğlu, Hüseyin Ataseven, Erhan Aygen, Serdar Coskun, Nalan Kuzu, Fulya Ilhan

Firat University, Faculty of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Immunology, Elazig, Turkey

Received April 1, 2007
Accepted May 1, 2007

Fasciola hepatica (FH) can lead to important hepatobiliary diseases. Here we present a case of hemobilia associated with biliary FH, which is quite a rare case. The 41–year-old patient, who underwent common bile duct exploration due to hemobilia, was found to have arterial bleeding associated with ulcer caused by a dead parasite in the common bile duct. Hemobilia is a very rare complication associated with FH. When searching for the cause of hemobilia, FH should be considered.


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