Acta Med. 2017, 60: 127-130

Rare Abdominal Wall Malformation: Case Report of Umbilical Cord Hernia

Andro Glihaa, Andrija Cara, Stjepan Višnjića, Božidar Župančića, Karmen Kondzab, Ivan Petracica

aDepartment of pediatric surgery, Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Croatia
bDepartment of anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care, Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Croatia

Received March 7, 2017
Accepted August 6, 2017

The umbilical cord hernia is the rarest form of abdominal wall malformations, anatomically completely different from gastroschisis and omphalocele. It occurs due to the permanent physiological evisceration of abdominal organs into umbilical celom and persistence of a patent umbilical ring. The umbilical cord hernia is often mistaken for omphalocele and called “small omphalocele”. Here we present a case of a female newborn with umbilical cord hernia treated in our Hospital. After preoperative examinations surgery was done on the second day of life. The abdominal wall was closed without tension. The aim of this article is to present the importance of the proper diagnose of these three entities and to stimulate academic community for the answer, is this umbilical cord hernia or small omphalocele.


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