Acta Med. 2007, 50: 7-15

Root Canal Microflora

Marina George, Romana Ivančaková

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové and University Hospital Hradec Králové, Department of Dentistry, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received January 1, 2007
Accepted March 1, 2007

Modern day endodontics is undergoing a massive change with the introduction of new molecular based techniques for microbial identification. This review focuses on the microbiota in untreated and root-filled canals. It will also describe briefly the recent developments in microbial identification and the mechanisms by which certain species of microbes are able to invade and establish themselves in the root canal.


This paper has been supported by the Grant Agency of Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training, no. 2B06104.


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