Acta Med. 2004, 47: 171-175

Assessment of the Therapeutic and Anticonvulsive Efficacy of a Drug Combination Consisting of Trihexyphenidyle and HI-6 in Soman-Poisoned Rats

Jiří Kassaa, Ivan Samnalievb

aPurkyně Military Medical Academy in Hradec Kralové, Department of Toxicology, Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic
bMilitary Medical Academy, Research Center of NBC Defence, Sofia, Bulgaria

Received November 1, 2003
Accepted June 1, 2004

1. The influence of two anticholinergic drugs (atropine, trihexyphenidyle) on the effectiveness of antidotal treatment to eliminate soman-induced lethal effects and convulsions was studied in rats. 2. The oxime HI-6 when combined with centrally acting anticholinergic drug trihexyphenidyle seems to be more efficacious in the elimination of acute toxic effects of soman than its combination with atropine. 3. The findings support the hypothesis that the choice of the anticholinergic drug is important for the effectiveness of antidotal mixture in the case of antidotal treatment of soman-induced acute poisoning.


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