Acta Med. 1998, 41: 19-21

A Comparison of the Therapeutic Efficacy of Conventional and Modern Oximes Against Supralethal Doses of Highly Toxic Organophosphates in Mice

Jiří Kassa

Purkyně Military Medical Academy, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received January 1, 1998
Accepted January 1, 1998

1. The therapeutic efficacy of various oximes (pralidoxime, obidoxime, methoxime, HI-6, HLö-7, BI-6) against supralethal nerve agent poisoning (soman, sarin, cyclosin) in mice was tested. 2. New oxime BI-6, synthesized in our laboratory, is significantly more efficacious than conventional oximes but a little less efficacious than other H-oximes (HI- 6, HLö-7). 3. H-oximes (HI-6, HLö-7) seem to be the most efficacious reactivators of nerve agent-inhibited acetylcholinesterase for antidotal treatment of supralethal nerve agent poisoning in mice.


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