Acta Med. 2020, 63: 57-62

Hydrocele in Pediatric Population

Ioannis Patouliasa, Efstathios Koutsogiannisb, Ioannis Panopoulosb, Panagiota Michoub, Thomas Feidantsisa, Dimitrios PatouliascID

aFirst Department of Pediatric Surgery, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, General Hospital “G. Gennimatas”, Thessaloniki, Greece
bDepartment of Pediatrics, General Hospital “G. Gennimatas”, Thessaloniki, Greece
cFirst Department of Internal Medicine, General Hospital “Hippokration”, Thessaloniki, Greece

Received September 26, 2019
Accepted March 10, 2020

Hydrocele is a collection of fluid within the tunica vaginalis. Based upon the etiology and the pathophysiology, it is divided into, the primary and secondary. The primary hydrocele includes the neonatal or the congenital, the communicating and the non-communicating or the closed or the adult type. The secondary hydrocele can develop in the substrate of a pre-existing disease. After systematic and thorough systematic and thorough research of the relevant literature, we aim at describing all the aspects of this entity, with specific emphasis on the issues that remain unanswered from the scientific community.


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