Acta Med. 2019, 62: 127-130

Interactions Between Anti-Vegf Therapy and Antitumor Immunity as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy in Colorectal Cancer

David Bukaa, Josef Dvořákb, Igor Richterc, Pavel Škrobánekb, Tomáš Buchlerb, Bohuslav Melichard

aDepartment of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Charles University Medical School and Teaching Hospital, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
bDepartment of Oncology, First Medical Faculty, Charles University and Thomayer Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic
cDepartment of Oncology, Regional Hospital, Liberec, Czech Republic
dDepartment of Oncology, Palacký University Medical School and Teaching Hospital, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Received March 13, 2019
Accepted June 24, 2019


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