Acta Med. 2018, 61: 125-130

Epidemiological Profile and Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern of Enteric Fever in a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India – a Seven Year Ambispective Study

Anuradha Makkara, Shilpi Guptab, Inam Danish Khana, Rajiv Mohan Guptac, KS Rajmohana, Harleen Chopraa, Manisha Guptad, Sachin Bansale, Bindu Pooniaa, Muqtadir Malikc, Pragyan Swagatika Pandaa

aArmy College of Medical Sciences and Base Hospital, New Delhi, India
bDepartment of Microbiology, MH Bhopal, India
cArmy Hospital Research and Referral, New Delhi 110010, India
dSanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute, Lucknow, India
eDr Lal Path Labs, Tilak nagar, New Delhi, India

Received August 9, 2018
Accepted November 14, 2018


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