Acta Med. 2016, 59: 100-103

Anomalous Medial Branch of Radial Artery: A Rare Variant

Surbhi Wadhwa, Vandana Tomar

Department of Anatomy, University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India

Received April 26, 2016
Accepted August 22, 2016

Radial artery is an important consistent vessel of the upper limb. It is a useful vascular access site for coronary procedures and its reliable anatomy has resulted in an elevation of radial forearm flaps for reconstructive surgeries of head and neck. Technical failures, in both the procedures, are mainly due to anatomical variations, such as radial loops, ectopic radial arteries or tortuosity in the vessel. We present a rare and a unique anomalous medial branch of the radial artery spiraling around the flexor carpi radialis muscle in the forearm with a high rising superficial palmar branch of radial artery. Developmentally it probably is a remanent of the normal pattern of capillary vessel maintenance and regression. Such a case is of importance for reconstructive surgeons and coronary interventionists, especially in view of its unique medial and deep course.


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