Acta Med. 2011, 54: 157-162

The Effect of Wheat Allergy on the Course of Atopic Eczema in Patients over 14 Years of Age

Jarmila Čelakovskáa, Květuše Ettlerováb, Karel Ettlera, Jaroslava Vaněčkováa, Josef Bukačc

aDepartment of Dermatology and Venereology, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
bDepartment of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
cDepartment of Medical Biophysic, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received April 25, 2011
Accepted November 1, 2011


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