Acta Med. 2011, 54: 153-156

Controlled Hemostasis in Thoracic Surgery Using Drugs with Oxidized Cellulose

Petr Habal, Nedal Omran, Jiří Manďák, Jiří Šimek, Milan Štětina

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic: Department of Cardiac Surgery

Received October 13, 2010
Accepted October 24, 2011

The authors demonstrate the possibility of improving surgical results by the reduction of perioperative bleeding in thoracic surgery associated with extended resection procedures. We focused on patients in whom the expected perioperative blood loss was greater than 500 ml. The first group consisted of patients with lung cancer stage III A after neoadjuvant chemotherapy had been indicated to extend the resection procedure. The second group consisted of patients with chest wall and mediastinum tumors of various etiologies. The third group consisted of patients with post-inflammatory thoracic complications in whom combined decortication and pleurectomy was necessary. By the using the local hemostyptic Traumastem TAF on the basis of oxidized cellulose, it is possible to minimize the perioperative blood loss, thus sparing the blood derivative requirement and enabling surgeons to provide the desired treatment even to high-risk patients.


The study is supported by the Research Intention MZO 00179906.


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