Acta Med. 2010, 53: 221-224

Effects of Early Therapeutic Administration of Interleukin-1β on Survival Rate and Bone Marrow Hemopoiesis of Irradiated Mice

Alexander Grebenyuk, Victor Zatsepin, Natalia Aksenova, Alexander Timoshevsky

Medical Military Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia

Received May 4, 2010
Accepted July 27, 2010

The study was aimed at the experimental assessment of the efficacy of recombinant interleukin-1β in the early therapy of haemopoiesis disorders caused by X-ray irradiation. The efficacy of the product was based on the 30-day survival rate and average life expectancy of dead animals. Endogenous and exogenous colony-formations were studied to reveal possible mechanisms of therapeutic effects of interleukin-1β on the bone marrow. The early administration (10–15 min after exposure to radiation) of recombinant interleukin-1β in a dose of 50 μg/kg increased the survival rate and prevented the post-irradiation decrease in the number of endogenous and exogenous CFU-S9 in irradiated mice.


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