Acta Med. 2009, 52: 23-25

Thoracic Radiotherapy for Mediastinal Nodal Recurrence

Katsunori Kagohashia, Hidetsugu Nakayamab, Kenji Kageib, Koichi Kurishimaa, Hiroichi Ishikawaa, Hiroaki Satoha

aUniversity of Tsukuba, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, Tsubaka-city, Ibaraki, 305–8575, Japan
bUniversity of Tsukuba, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology, Tsubaka-city, Ibaraki, 305–8575, Japan

Received March 1, 2008
Accepted January 1, 2009

Radiotherapy has been used to treat loco-regional recurrences located at various intra-thoracic sites, but longterm survival of these patients has been rarely observed. We report herein a lung adenocarcinoma patient with locoregional recurrence, who was successfully treated with high-dose radiotherapy. The patient could survive with no evidence of recurrence 5 years after thoracic irradiation. It is probably safe to administrate high-dose radiotherapy for some loco-regional recurrent patients with favorable prognostic factors such as good PS, no body weight loss. Further studies will be required to define a favorable subset of patients most likely to benefit from an aggressive approach.


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