Acta Med. 2006, 49: 219-226

Paleopathological Findings of Dry Skulls with Plagiocephaly

Blanka Pospíšilová, Olga Procházková

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of Anatomy, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received November 1, 2006
Accepted December 1, 2006

In literature, plagiocephaly is defined as abnormal asymmetrical head shape with unilateral flattening of the anterior and/or posterior part of the skull. It is classified as synostotic or deformational. Synostotic plagiocephaly is the result of premature unilateral fusion of neurocranim sutures. Positional plagiocephaly is caused by asymmetrical intrauterine and/or postnatal external forces. The authors report findings of both types of plagiocephaly in the dry skull collection from pertaining Broumov Ossuary (13th–18th century), Czech Republic. In the paper, the incidence of paleopathological asymmetrical skull deformities is discussed in the context with recent clinical data.


The work was partially supported by the Ministry of Education Grant Agency (Grant No. 2532/F3/02).


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