Acta Med. 2006, 49: 97-100

The Effects of Pesticide Exposure on Serum Total Sialic Acid Levels

Naciye Kurtul, Burcu Canter Arikan

University of Kahramanmaras Sütcü Imam, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Received December 1, 2005
Accepted February 1, 2006

Pesticides used to increase agricultural production have hazard effects for human being health. The present study reports the serum levels of total sialic acid (TSA) in the pesticide applicators in the agriculture areas of the Kahramanmaras, Turkiye. This study included a total of 79 volunteer individuals. Pesticide group included 47 men who were working as pesticide applicators. Control group comprised healthy males (n=32), nonsmokers and nondrinkers and also nonexposured to pesticide and other chemicals chronically. Serum TSA level was measured with the Warren method modified by Pönniö et al. The TSA concentrations were significantly higher in the pesticide groups (p<0.001) than those of control subjects. We can conclude from the results obtained that serum TSA was affected by pesticide exposure. This finding may be an indication of harmful effects of pesticides. Increased serum TSA levels in pesticide exposure might be related to various diseases e.g. various cancers, which are also often associated with elevated serum TSA levels. However further studies are necessary to evaluate the concentrations of serum TSA in pesticide exposure.


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