Acta Med. 2005, 48: 45-47

Papillary Cystic Neoplasm of the Pancreas: A Rare Presentation

Mirko Žganjer, Anto Pajić, Ante Čizmić, Irenej Cigit, Božidar Župančić

Children’s Hospital Zagreb, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Zagreb, Croatia

Received May 1, 2004
Accepted January 1, 2005

Papillary cystic neoplasm is a rare tumor and is usually found in young female patients. Procedure: Here we describe a rare case of PCN in 16year old girl, which was presented with abdominal pain in last 3 years. Preoperative diagnosis was suggested by ECHO and CT of the abdomen. The sonographic examination of the abdomen showed a tumor measuring 6.5 x 5.5cm in diameter in epigastrium. It was excised totally. Histological description confirmed the diagnosis of PCN. The patient is currently in good health without signs of relapse 3 years after surgery. Discussion: Our patient is one of the very few adolescent patients with PCN who was treated successfully with surgery. ECHO and CT of the abdomen suggested the diagnosis which was confirmed by histopatological examination. Conclusion: The diagnosis of PCN is suspected by ECHO and CT of the abdomen and confirmed by specific histologic features. Prognosis is good and tumor should be excised whenever detected.


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