Acta Med. 2004, 47: 253-255

What Are the Reactivities of Coronary Arteries Harvested from the Hearts Exposed to Cold Ischemic Preservation?

Caner Arslana, Sibel Özyazganb, Kazım Beşirlia, Emir Cantürka, Gökçe Şirina, Kürşat Bozkurta, Gökhan Akkanb

aUniversity of Istanbul, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey
bUniversity of Istanbul, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Department of Pharmacology, Istanbul, Turkey

Received February 1, 2004
Accepted July 1, 2004

This study was designed to determine the effects of pretransplant ischemic hypothermic period on reactivities of major coronary arteries. Eleven pigs were used. Right, left anterior descending and circumflex coronary arteries harvested from 6 pigs following single dose of cardioplegia and cardiectomy. The same procedures were performed in 5 pigs after 6 hours static 4 °C hypothermic preservation of the hearts. Strips prepared from these 3 coronary arteries were placed in organ chambers and contractions with acetylcholine and histamine and KCL and dilatations with noradrenaline following submaximal contractions with acetylcholine and histamine were documented. There was no statistically significant difference between results taken from both groups. The pretransplant period (until 6 hours) does not cause important differences on the reactivities of coronary arteries.


This study was financially supported by Istanbul University Research Foundation.


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