Acta Med. 2004, 47: 133-136

The Angiotensin Converting Enzyme I/D Polymorphism in Turkish Athletes and Sedentary Controls

Günfer Turguta,b, Sebahat Turguta,b, Osman Gença,b, Ayfer Atalayb,c, Erol Ömer Atalayb,c

aPamukkale University, Medical Faculty, Department of Physiology, Denizli, Turkey
bPamukkale University Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (PAMGEN), Denizli, Turkey
cPamukkale University, Medical Faculty, Department of Biophysics, Denizli, Turkey

Received December 1, 2003
Accepted April 1, 2004

The angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene is located on human chromosome 17 expressing three genotypes within the intron 16 of the related gene structure. These genotypes are classified as I and D alleles which are termed as insertion and deletion, respectively. This study was carried out to identify possible relationships between the insertion/ deletion (I/D) polymorphisms and athletic performance in Turkish athletes. To be able to determine these relationships, eighty healthy athletes and eighty healthy sedentary controls were genotyped for the ACE I/D polymorphism at gene level. According to the results obtained, we found significant difference on ACE I/D polymorphism in between athletes and healthy controls (x2 = 7.32, df = 2, P = 0.026). This result supports the association in ACE genotype in Turkish athletes, suggesting that this might be a genetic factor influencing the physical performance.


This study was supported by Pamukkale University Research Fund (Project No. 2000TPF/FAD01) and Turkish Government State Planning Department Project (Project No. 2001K121120).


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