Acta Med. 2004, 47: 101-105

Does Neoplastic Cholecystokinin Expression Reflect the Embryonal Pattern of the Protein? A Study in Human Pancreas

Demetrio Tamiolakisa, Ioannis Venizelosb, Constantine Simopoulosc, Maria Lambropouloud, Athanasia Kotinie, Theodoros Jivannakisf, George Alexiadisd, Panagiotis Bogloud, Nikolas Papadopoulosd

aGeneral Hospital of Chania, Department of Cytology, Greece
bIppokration Hospital of Salonica, Department of Pathology, Greece
cDemocritus University of Thrace, Department of Experimental Surgery, Greece
dDemocritus University of Thrace, Department of Histology–Embryology, Greece
eDemocritus University of Thrace, Department of Medical Physics, Greece
fGeneral Hospital of Drama, Department of Pathology, Greece

Received January 1, 2004
Accepted February 1, 2004


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