Acta Med. 2003, 46: 205-212

Two Ways of Immediate Rehabilitation of Edentulous Mandible with Dental Implants and Prostheses – Critical View on Brånemark System® Novum

Jiří Krug, Radek Mounajjed

D.C.M., private dental office, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received April 1, 2003
Accepted September 1, 2003

With appropriate stabilization and occlusal loading, mandibular implants can be immediately loaded in a complete- arch configuration with no apparent detrimental effect on the rates of osseointegration. Ten patients were treated with the immediate loading protocols in completely edentulous mandible either with conventional one-stage implants and a provisional denture or with the Brånemark System® Novum and a definite restoration. A total of 42 implants were placed. One Novum implant was lost 1 month after placement. The clinical success rate of the immediately loaded implants at the time of the 6–month check-up was 97.6 %. Radiographic surveys completed by panoramic radiographs 6 months after the surgery revealed good healing of bone at implant interface. After the period, mean marginal bone loss was 0.4 mm (ranged from 0 mm to 1.5 mm). The results of this short-term clinical and radiographic study indicate that the precise surgical and prosthetic protocol allows successful prosthetic rehabilitation of mandibular edentulism and that the provisional or permanent fixed reconstruction can be provided to a patient on a day of fixture surgery. Finally, authors consider critical comments on Brånemark System® Novum.


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