Acta Med. 1998, 41: 73-80

Immunohistochemical Detection of Intermediate Filament Nestin

Jaroslav Mokrý, Stanislav Němeček

Department of Histology and Embryology, Charles University, Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Received April 1, 1998
Accepted May 1, 1998

Using Rat-401 monoclonal antibody and peroxidase immunohistochemistry we have detected IF nestin in developing and adult rat tissues. Although epitope recognized by Rat-401 antibody is relatively resistant to aldehyde f ixation and paraffin embedding, the embedding of tissue samples into polyester wax and microwave antigen retrieval of histological sections enabled us to enhance sensitivity of immunohistochemical detection and to identify cells expressing low levels of nestin. Our findings confirm that nestin is predominantly distributed in developing neural, myogenic and mesenchymal cells, i.e. cell types that have been previously described to express this intermediate filament. Furthermore, we made original findings on identification of nestin expression in additional cell types, e.g. newly formed endothelial cells of extra- and intraembryonic blood vessels, epithelial cells of the developing lens, and cells apposed to hair follicles.


Supported by a grant No. 304/97/1117 from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.


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